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Get into a hybrid-electric
Audi for $10

Thanks to Z Energy and EECA, you can experience an hour of drive time behind the wheel of a Mevo for just $10 with any new account.

We're putting you in the fast lane: no need to select a membership or pay a joining fee. Just create a driver profile below, and we'll send you an email with a link to download our app once your account has been verified.

Mevo vehicles are available all over Wellington, on site at Z Energy Vivian St, and across the road from Z Energy Harbour City.

After you've experienced driving electric with Mevo, you'll have the option to pick a membership and join the movement.

Free-floating car sharing
in Wellington

  • Pick up and drop off Mevo vehicles anywhere in the home zone

  • Reserve and unlock vehicles instantly using the Mevo app

  • Modern vehicles, fully insured and regularly cleaned

  • One-way trips to and from Wellington airport

  • Save vs car ownership, leasing, or taxis—rates include parking, insurance, and fuel

  • Flexible pricing with minute, hour, day, and evening rates, along with discounted memberships for frequent use

Test drive Mevo

Check that you're eligible for the offer and enter your email below to get started.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I charge the car?

Mevo's plug-in-hybrid Audi A3 e-tron fleet is powered by Meridian. There is a charging station at most Mevo car parks where you can plug the vehicle back in once your trip is completed.

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Am I insured?

Of course! Insurance is included in all Mevo pricing. When you're on the road with Mevo, you're covered by the team at Trade Me Insurance.

Trade Me Insurance Logo

What if the battery goes flat?

Mevo's plug-in-hybrid fleet lets you drive electric for shorter trips, while switching to efficient petrol hybrid mode when the battery is low. You can fill up at any Z station with the fuel card in the glove box.

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Where can I park the car?

Mevo is Australasia's first free floating car-share. You can end your trip in any approved parking space in the Home Zone.

This means you can take one-way trips across the city, as well as collecting or leaving the car at the Mevo's airport parking.

Is there anywhere I can't drive?

You can take a Mevo almost anywhere you like. The keys are in the glove box, so you don't need to be near cell reception to access the car once you've started your trip using the Mevo App. You can't take our cars onto vehicles ferries, beaches, and some other locations as defined in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I need help along the way?

You can check out our support site here, or chat with our team live using the in-app chat, which is also in the bottom corner of this site.

For urgent enquiries, our emergency number is in the app, on our contact page, and in the support documentation in the glove box of every Mevo.

More questions? Check out our full FAQs page here, or chat with us anytime.