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Mevo Loop

Book in advance
Return to base

  • Create bookings in the app up to 60 days in advance

  • Choose your start and end times, preferred Loop Base and vehicle model

  • Convenient options to extend your booking in the app if you're running late

  • Guaranteed parking at your vehicle's Loop Base at the end of your trip

Illustration of Mevo Loop
Mevo Flex Mevo Loop
Use the Mevo app as the keys to unlock and rent vehicles check_circle check_circle
Flexible pricing by the minute, hour, day, and overnight check_circle check_circle
Climate Positive
120% Carbon Offset
check_circle check_circle
Each mevo replaces over 10 private cars check_circle check_circle
Use the app to access vehicles On-demand, whenever you need a vehicle By booking your chosen vehicle in advance
Plan your trip and select your vehicle Up to 30 minutes in advance for free
(Schedule a vehicle collection for $9)
Up to 60 days ahead of your trip by booking in a start and end date
Return your vehicle and end your trip Whenever you're done using the vehicle Before the scheduled end time of your booking
Collect and return vehicles from Most parking spaces across the city Flex Zones A dedicated Loop Base for each vehicle

What are Loop Bases?

Glad you asked! Loop Bases are the parking spaces where you can collect your car, and end your Mevo Loop trip. You'll clearly see the address and map position of your vehicle's Loop Base when making your booking.

You need to return your vehicle to its Loop Base parking space in order to end your trip, before the end time of your booking. While on your trip, you're responsible for parking - including any payment required and ensuring the vehicles complies with time limits.

You can't end your Mevo Loop trip at a different Loop Base, in a Mevo Flex Zone, or in another city.

Where is Mevo Loop?

You'll find Mevo Loop in the cities that don't yet have the urban density to support Mevo Flex.

More Loop Bases will appear over time in each city to match where members live and work.

You may also find Mevo Loop vehicles with dedicated bases in some Mevo Flex cities. These may be special-purpose, bookable vehicles, or cars located onsite at housing developments, businesses, or community centres.

How Mevo Loop works

Graphic showing a person making a calendar booking
Graphic showing a woman locating a Mevo vehicle using her smartphone
Graphic showing a man standing in front of a Mevo vehicle
Graphic showing a woman confirming the return of a vehicle

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