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We have a problem

Graphic showing excessive traffic in a city

New Zealand has the 3rd highest rate of car ownership in the world

We have more cars per person than Australia or the United States.

  • That's 4.1 million cars as of 2017[1], or close to one car for every person.
  • Lost productivity resulting from congestion in Auckland is estimated to cost local businesses over $2bn every year[2].
Graphic showing a car that isn't being used

Yet, we use our cars just 5% of the time

On average, it's around an hour per day[3].
The rest of the time, they're parked - unused and taking up valuable space.

  • The average cost of owning a car can be over $10,000 every year[4].
  • New Zealand has the highest rate of car depreciation in the world[5].
Graphic showing a big, offroad vehicle

And, they tend to be old and polluting

Many of our cars are ex-leased, second-hand imports.

  • The average age of a car in New Zealand is 14 years[6], compared to around 8 years internationally.
  • We sell 64 new double-cab utes[7] in New Zealand for every new electric vehicle.
  • Transport contributes to 58% of Wellington's carbon emissions[8].

A car, when you need it

Graphic showing that 10 cars can be replaced by a Mevo vehicle

Every Mevo does the work of over 10 private cars

Because every Mevo can be used by others when you don't need it, fewer cars are needed overall.

  • Council data shows that each of our shared cars in Wellington replaces 11 private vehicles[9].
  • Replacing a private car with use of shared vehicles encourages a behavioural shift towards multi-modal, sustainable transport which complements public and active forms of transport[10].
  • Mevo cars are new, run cleaner, and keep you much safer than the average car in New Zealand.
Graphic depicting a young woman using her smarphone to unlock a Mevo vehicle

Unlock it with your phone

Our smart, connected cars are always at your disposal.

  • You can find and unlock cars using the Mevo smartphone app.
  • Spread all around the city service area, you can drive them anywhere you like, and return them to most parking spaces in the city or the airport.
Graphic showing a hand holding a plant seedling

Climate Positive

The purchase of sustainable carbon credits to fund native forest planting and protection is included in every trip.

  • Mevo meticulously accounts for all the built and emitted carbon from our vehicles, and offsets this 120% by funding local projects in New Zealand and the pacific islands.

High-tech mobility

Reducing the number of private cars in New Zealand
will leave our cities, our people, and our climate better off.
But we're not stopping there.

Graphic showing three wind turbines

Transitioning to electric

Electric vehicles are the future, and New Zealand is the perfect place to use them.

  • Our electricity grid is close to 100% renewable, making it the perfect fuel for sustainable transport.
  • Mevo will always have a mix of electric vehicles available, and this will increase over time as the technology develops.
Graphic showing an Autonomous Mevo vehicle driving across a city

Going autonomous

Hundreds of New Zealanders die in road accidents every year.

While there are technical, legal, and psychological hurdles yet to overcome, self-driving cars hold strong promise to further reduce the number of cars we need and drastically reduce the road toll.

As autonomous vehicle technology matures, these vehicles will begin to appear as an option on the Mevo fleet.