Flexible plans and rates based on how much you drive

Pay for your chosen subscription, and the associated rate whenever you use a car. We bill your selected payment method only from the moment you collect your Mevo car to the moment when you return it.

mevo basic

Great for one or two trips a month

mevo hotel

Great for sightseeing trips



fixed at: ?


1 insured driver

Insurance liability: $1,500 ?
Our most popular subscription
mevo for me

Great for one or two trips a week


Subscription prepaid
for one year

1st month free, cancel anytime


fixed at: ?


1 insured driver

Insurance liability: $500 ?
mevo lux

Great for couples or high use



fixed at: ?


2 insured drivers

Insurance liability: $300 ?
All pricing includes:
Electricity ?
Petrol ?
24×7 Access ?
Insurance ?
Regular Grooming ?
200km per day ?
120% Carbon Offsets ?

You can upgrade your Mevo plan anytime by chatting with us. Plan downgrades and cancellations take effect at the end of the month, chat with us if you'd like to switch down.

Frequently asked questions
How do I charge the car?

Mevo's plug-in-hybrid Audi A3 e-tron fleet is powered by Meridian. There is a charging station at most Mevo car parks where you can plug the vehicle back in once your trip is completed.

Meridian Logo
Am I insured?

Of course! Insurance is included in all Mevo pricing. When you're on the road with Mevo, you're covered by the team at Trade Me Insurance.

Trade Me Insurance Logo
What if the battery goes flat?

Mevo's plug-in-hybrid fleet lets you drive electric for shorter trips, while switching to efficient petrol hybrid mode when the battery is low. You can fill up at any Z station with the fuel card in the glove box.

Z Energy Logo
Where can I park the car?

Mevo's currently operates 'back-to-base' in Wellington, as governed by local policy. This means you can collect a Mevo from any of our dedicated parking spaces, and return it to the same location once you're finished with your trip.

Contact us if you're interested in supporting us to allow one-way trips.

Is there anywhere I can't drive?

You can take a Mevo almost anywhere you like. The keys are in the glove box, so you don't need to be near cell reception to access the car once you've started your trip using the Mevo App. You can't take our cars onto vehicles ferries, beaches, and some other locations as defined in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I need help along the way?

You can check out our support site here, or chat with our team live using the in-app chat, which is also in the bottom corner of this site.

For urgent enquiries, our emergency number is in the app, on our contact page, and in the support documentation in the glove box of every Mevo.

More questions? Check out our full FAQs page here, or chat with us anytime.

Pricing Details
Weekly Subscription
Billed on the first business day of each month for every week starting in that month
Hourly Rate
Billed pro-rata by the minute with a minimum charge of 60 minutes
Insurance Deductible
The maximum amount payable by the driver in an insurance claim
Mevo Basic $0 $23 $1500
Mevo for Me $19 $16 $500
Mevo Lux $49 $11 $300

Reservation length: 30 minutes
This is how far ahead of time you can reserve a Mevo vehicle before beginning your trip. Lapsed reservations return to the fleet, and repeated lapses may attract charges as detailed below.

Pricing Schedule
Description Price (GST Inclusive)
Cleaning Fee (Member Requested)

If a member returns the vehicle in a condition which requires cleaning and advises Mevo.

Cleaning Fee (No Notice)

A cleaning fee charged when a vehicle is returned and Mevo considers it to have been left in a considerably dirty condition and no notification had been to Mevo regarding the dirty condition of vehicle.

Soiled Vehicle Fee

For any vehicle requiring advanced cleaning.

Smoking Deoderiser Fee

For any vehicles returned smelling of tobacco or smoke residue.

Reservation Non-Collection

Fee payable for any reservations which are not cancelled before they expire.

Damage Administration Charge

Fee payable for processing any incident reports.

Infringement Administration Charge

Administration fee for identifying and processing any Speeding Fines or Traffic Infringement Fees in line with Land and Transport Act.

Re-Fuelling Administration Fee

Administration charge payable for reimbursing a member for fuel costs where they elected to not use the Mevo fuel card when it was operational.

Lost or Destroyed Fuel Card

Fee payable to provide a replacement fuel card.

Excess Kilometre Charge

Charged when a vehicle travels over 200km per calendar day on a single trip. Fee charged per kilometre over 200km.

Annual Member Registration Fee

Annual Membership fee payable every 12 months to re-register and check your driver licence details (Mevo Basic plan only).

Unauthorised Parking Fee

Fee payable for any vehicle returned to a parking space other than the authorised Mevo parking space from which it was collected. May be waived in cases where the member was unable to return to the parking space and contacted Mevo.

Vehicle Repossession Fee

Fee payable for a vehicle repossession event.

Loss of Use Fee

Fee payable in the event of an impounded vehicle or neglectful accident. Additionally, the member shall be liable for the corresponding daily rate for any days the vehicle is out of service.

Vehicle Relocation Fees

Fees payable for relocating a vehicle from outside Wellington CBD.