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Please Read Carefully

Mevo’s Terms and Conditions include:

The Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between ‘Mevo Limited’ (herein referred to as ‘Mevo’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) and the individual person using, or applying to use, Mevo’s Services (herein referred to as ‘you’, ‘your’).

It is hereby agreed as follows:

1.0 Mevo Membership Agreement

1.1 Signing up to a Mevo Membership

You may only access and use the services that Mevo offers from time to time, including the Mevo App, Vehicles and other mobility services, or any other products or services we provide under these Terms and Conditions (together the ‘Services’), once you have completed the sign-up process and been approved by Mevo (such person being a ‘Mevo Member’, and holding ‘Membership’).

By submitting your Membership application you:

1.2 Member Eligibility Criteria

To become, and remain, a Mevo Member with access to the Services, you must meet all of the following ‘Member Eligibility Criteria’:

  • Be at least 21 years of age, and;
  • Hold a full valid Type 1 car Driver Licence (or equivalent international Driver Licence), and;
  • Mevo must be able to verify your identity, age and contact details; and
  • Mevo must be satisfied that you will be able to:
    • pay for the Services;
    • safely operate our Vehicles and other mobility services; and
    • comply with our health and safety policies and procedures, including in respect of any public health risk.

Mevo has complete discretion to update the Member Eligibility Criteria at any time without notification. We will use our reasonable endeavours to promptly inform you about any changes to our health and safety policies and procedures, however this may not always be practical where emergency or urgent measures need to be introduced.

When you apply for Membership, or to maintain your Membership (as applicable), you will be asked to provide information to show that you meet the Member Eligibility Criteria (as updated by Mevo from time to time), including:

  • Identity Information: Full name and date of birth (as shown on your licence), a selfie image, and any other information we reasonably require to verify your identity (for example, if you have an international licence, a clear photo of your passport to verify your licence against).
  • Contact Information: Your current physical residential address, valid contact mobile phone number, valid email address.
  • Billing Information: either:
    • have a valid credit card and or debit card in your name (as shown on your Driver’s Licence); or
    • have a Mevo approved letter of authority with a credit guarantor that has been, or will be, registered against your Membership.
  • Driver’s Licence Information: An image of your driver’s licence, your driver’s licence number, type, expiry.
  • Safety Information: Disclosures of any driving convictions (excluding parking fines), and any other information we reasonably require to assessing whether or not you are a safe driver.
  • Health Information: You may, at any time, be required to provide information to verify that you are able to comply with our health and safety policies and procedures, including in respect of any public health risk.
  • Credit and Criminal History Information: You may, at any time, be required to undertake a credit check and/or criminal history check if requested by Mevo. The results of these checks, or any failure to undertake these checks, may result in a denied Membership application or terminated Membership.

Your personal information is collected, stored and deleted by Mevo in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You also understand that a restricted amount of users can use some aspects of the Services before the network reaches capacity. You also understand that your anticipated usage of the Services is considered along with your Membership application, and that Mevo can delay and or deny any application if your projected usage is incompatible with the network supply.

1.3 Mevo Membership Assessment

Mevo will assess your Membership application for eligibility against the Member Eligibility Criteria and the other information Mevo has collected in respect of your application. Mevo has entire discretion to deny any Membership application for reasons which Mevo deem appropriate, whether or not you meet the Member Eligibility Criteria.

Mevo will notify you, via the email you have supplied in your application, whether your Membership application has been approved or rejected. If your application has been approved we will provide instructions on how to complete your Personal Profile. Your Personal Profile must be completed within 30 days of Mevo’s notification or Mevo may withdraw the offer of Membership. You may not access some aspects of the Services until your Personal Profile is completed.

If your Membership application has been rejected due to incomplete details, or your details have changed since your initial application, or Mevo withdraws the offer of Membership; you can Contact Mevo to have your Membership application re-assessed. Re-assessment does not in any way constitute an offer of Membership.

If your Membership application has been rejected, you acknowledge that Mevo can hold and maintain records of your denied application details in line with our Privacy Policy. You give full permission for Mevo to contact you with an offer of Membership at a later date if your Membership application can be accepted due to a subsequent change to the Member Eligibility Criteria.

1.4 Personal Profile

You may not access some aspects of the Services without a complete, valid, and up to date Personal Profile.

Your Personal Profile must contain the information to show that you meet the Member Eligibility Criteria, as determined by Mevo from time to time.

We may use some of the information we collect during the Membership application process to partially complete your Personal Profile. However, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to complete your Personal Profile and to keep it updated via the Mevo App or online at This includes keeping Mevo updated with the details of any traffic violations or convictions (excluding parking infringements).

Failure to maintain a complete, valid, and up to date Personal Profile is a breach of the Mevo Membership Agreement and Mevo can without prejudice, suspend or terminate your Membership and pursue any outstanding fees charges and damages as specified in Payment of Fees and Charges.

Your Personal Profile details are stored in accordance with Mevo’s Privacy Policy.

1.5 Mevo App

Your Personal Profile and Mevo’s Vehicles are accessed via the Mevo App which is available for smartphones including iPhones, iPads and Android phones. The Mevo App also provides Mevo contact details, instructional content, the location of available Vehicles, Vehicle and Trip survey questionnaires.

You agree not to permit any other person(s) to use the Mevo App using your login details. You must Contact Mevo immediately if your Mevo App access credentials have been compromised or your smartphone with the Mevo App installed is stolen, lost, or destroyed.

You understand that this is to prevent improper or unauthorised use of the Services and that you will be held responsible for all fees, costs and damages if somebody else uses your Membership to access Vehicles.

You acknowledge that you will not use the Mevo App for any use other than what it is intended for, or attempt to enter a Vehicle through any other means other than the Mevo App.

Any improper use of the Mevo App may result in suspension or termination of your Membership, referral to local authorities and or any applicable costs arising from damages to Mevo.

1.6 Suspension or Termination of a Mevo Membership

Suspension or Termination by Mevo

Mevo reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Membership and access to the Services at any time without prejudice. This may, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • If you breach the Terms and Conditions.
  • If you no longer have a valid Driver Licence.
  • If you are charged or convicted for a major traffic violation and/or any failure to report the charge or conviction to Mevo.
  • For any reason in connection with the driver data Mevo collects from local authorities (including via Driver Check, managed by the New Zealand Transport Agency).
  • If you do not inform Mevo of any changes of personal details included in your Personal Profile.
  • If you are found at fault or partially at fault for any accident.
  • If you have an ongoing history of Vehicle damage, which Mevo determines is unacceptable.
  • If you have an ongoing history of leaving Vehicles in a dirty state which Mevo determines is unacceptable.
  • If your behaviour whilst using Mevo’s services including driving and parking, is deemed by Mevo to be unsafe, unacceptable or brings the Mevo brand into public disrepute. Mevo may use speed sensing and other in-Vehicle technology to track your driving behaviour for this purpose.
  • If you have an ongoing history of not ending your Trip within the Flex Zone or Loop Base (as applicable).
  • If Mevo experiences any issues in regards to payment to your specified charge method or you do not pay any amounts that are due to Mevo.
  • If you do not provide full cooperation with information and assistance, with all Mevo requests relating to an insurance claim, infringement or speeding fine or lost property investigations.
  • If we have reason to believe your Membership, or the information you have provided to us, is fraudulent.

If Mevo terminates or suspends your Membership, Mevo will notify you via email and you will cease to have access to the Services.

Termination by You

You may choose at any time to cancel your Membership by Contacting Mevo. Mevo will confirm the termination via email.

Consequences of Termination

Any unused promotional credit will not be refunded.

Even if your Membership has been suspended, terminated or cancelled by you or Mevo, you must still make payment of all outstanding fees, including any damages incurred to Mevo under the Terms and Conditions.

We will, unless prohibited by law or legal order, delete your personal information in our Services in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Membership Hibernation

If you have not taken a Trip within the last 12 months then Mevo may choose to hibernate your Membership. If Mevo hibernates your Membership Mevo will notify you via email.

Hibernation of your Membership involves the deletion of some of your personal information in our Services in accordance with our Privacy Policy (unless prohibited by law or legal order). This means that your Personal Profile will be incomplete and you will be unable to access some aspects of the Services, including accessing Mevo’s Vehicles.

You can reactivate your Membership and end hibernation by recompleting your Personal Profile, to show that you meet the Member Eligibility Criteria as determined by Mevo from time to time.

2.0 Individual Car Sharing Trip Agreement

Provided you have a valid Membership, you may access and use Mevo’s Vehicles in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

For the purposes of this Individual Car Sharing Trip Agreement, ‘Approved Mevo Carpark’ has the meaning given to it in the Parking Schedule.

If you end your Trip in outside of an Approved Mevo Carpark you will be liable for all charges and damages incurred, including any infringements, towing or salvage fees and Unauthorised Parking Fees as detailed within the Pricing Schedule.

If you have any questions about approved parking spaces please Contact Mevo.

Starting and Ending a Trip

A ‘Trip’ commences when the Vehicle is unlocked by pressing the “Unlock Car” button (this being a “Start Trip” command) in the Mevo App, and ends when:

  1. the Vehicle is parked:
    1. If you are using our Flex Services: in an Approved Mevo Carpark within the ‘Flex Zone’ of the city where you commenced your Trip (as illustrated in the Mevo App and updated from time to time). You cannot end your Flex Services Trip in a different city to where you started it; or
    2. If you are using our Loop Services: within the same ‘Loop Base’ where you commenced the Trip (as identified in Mevo App). You cannot end your Loop Services Trip at a different Loop Base, in a Mevo Flex Zone or in another city;
  2. if applicable to the Vehicle, the fuel card is returned to the Vehicle glove box; and
  3. the Vehicle is physically locked after the “End Trip” command is selected in App.

Please be aware that in some cases it can take up to 1 minute for the Vehicle to receive any “Start Trip”/”End Trip” and “Lock”/”Unlock” commands, depending on wi-fi interference or mobile network latency.

A Trip is only considered to have ended when the Vehicle is physically locked, following a successful “End Trip” command being sent from the App. You are responsible for ensuring that your Trip has ended successfully by checking the Vehicle is locked. You acknowledge and accept that if you do not successfully end your Trip you will be charged in accordance with the Pricing Schedule until the Trip has actually been completed.

If you have any issues completing your Trip please Contact Mevo immediately.

Your Trip responsibilities

You acknowledge that whilst using the Vehicle you shall:

  1. Always have your drivers licence physically on you.
  2. Always complete a visual damage inspection before driving the Vehicle and immediately report any issues via the in-App damage reporting functionality or by Contacting Mevo.
  3. Take all reasonable care and attention when driving and parking the Vehicle.
  4. Ensure the Vehicle is locked securely when unattended by using the stop over “Lock” and “Unlock” commands in App.
  5. If the Vehicle is an electric vehicle, ensure that you plug the Vehicle into a Mevo electric charging station wherever possible.
  6. Return the Vehicle in a clean, tidy, acceptable manner and remove any rubbish and/or debris left on the Vehicle floor mats. If the Vehicle is soiled or requires additional cleaning directly from your Trip please request the Mevo Groom function by requesting it through the in-App chat or Contact Mevo.
  7. Return the Vehicle to:
    1. the Flex Zone if you are using our Flex Services; or
    2. the Loop Base if you are using our Loop Services.

If any warning lights of the Vehicle are activated throughout your Trip you must safely stop driving and consult the owner’s manual located in the Vehicle’s glove box. If you are unable to solve the problem you must Contact Mevo immediately and follow Mevo’s instructions. Please note that you may be liable for any damages caused to the Vehicle if:

  1. you continue driving a Vehicle which is displaying warning lights; or
  2. attempt to repair the Vehicle other than in accordance with the instructions set out in the owner’s manual or as directed by Mevo.

2.1 Critical Events

You acknowledge and accept that your Mevo Insurance will not apply to any of the Critical Events listed below. Your Membership may be suspended or terminated, Vehicle repossessed, and or fees charged as specified in the Pricing Schedule, if any Critical Events occur whilst using the Services.

You acknowledge that when using the Services, you shall not (each being a ‘Critical Event’):

  1. Allow or operate the Vehicle without having your driver’s licence physically on you.
  2. Allow anybody else to drive the Vehicle unless they are an approved Mevo Member.
  3. Allow anyone to smoke in the Vehicle.
  4. Use the Vehicle recklessly or allow the Vehicle to be used recklessly.
  5. Exceed the legal speed limit in the area where you are operating the Vehicle.
  6. Allow any physical evidence that the Vehicle has been used for the transport of domestic pets to be left in the Vehicle when you end the Trip. Please note this includes any smells, pet hair or window smudges. We encourage any pets to be transported within a suitable pet carrier container when in the Vehicle. Please request a Vehicle groom within the Mevo App if cleaning is required due to the transport of pets.
  7. Allow the Vehicle to be used outside your control.
  8. Allow the Vehicle to be hired or rented to another party.
  9. Allow the Vehicle to be involved with any illegal activity.
  10. Use any hand-held electronic devices whilst driving the Vehicle.
  11. Allow the Vehicle to carry more occupants in excess of the manufacturer’s specifications, as detailed in the owner’s manual located in the Vehicle’s glove box.
  12. Use the Vehicle for transportation of passengers for a fare or reward unless you have prior written confirmation from Mevo and comply with Part 4A of the Land Transport Act 1998.
  13. Allow the Vehicle to carry dangerous goods as defined by the Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods 2005.
  14. Allow or operate the Vehicle in any circumstances when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or a drug which contravenes Sections 12, 56, 57-, 57A, 57AA or 58 of the Land Transport Act 1998.
  15. Allow or operate the Vehicle in a manner which breaches the Land Transport Act 1998, the Transport Act 1962, Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, or any other Act, regulations, rules, or bylaws relating to road traffic in New Zealand.
  16. Register or claim to be entitled to register any interest in any Mevo Vehicle under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.
  17. Allow or operate the Vehicle, for towing or propulsion of another vehicle.
  18. Interfere or modify any part of the Vehicle, including the engines, transmission, suspension, brakes, body panels, chassis, batteries, glass or interior components, outside the intended use as detailed within the owner’s manual located in the glovebox.
  19. Allow or operate the Vehicle when it is an unsafe or unroadworthy condition when such condition has arisen during the course of the hire, that has caused or contributed to damage or loss, when it would be reasonably expected that you were aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the Vehicle.
  20. Leave or fail to remain at an accident scene, or event before the arrival of a tow or salvage operator.
  21. Refill the Vehicle with any other fuel type other than what is listed on the fuel cap.
  22. Fraudulently use the fuel card.
  23. Allow the Vehicle to be used on a beach, riverbed, floodwater or taken aboard a vehicle ferry.
  24. Allow or operate the Vehicle in breach of the Terms and Conditions, or any agreed extension of such terms which may be agreed in an emergency circumstance.
  25. Allow the Vehicle to be used in a manner or under circumstances that insurance might not be available (see Insurance Exclusions).

2.2 Mevo’s Termination of a Trip

Mevo has the right to terminate any Trip without prejudice or notice and take immediate possession of the Vehicle for any Member who fails to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions. If you continue to operate the Vehicle after Mevo advises you that the Trip is terminated, then Mevo reserves the right to report the Vehicle as stolen to the applicable authorities.

2.3 Mevo’s Trip responsibilities

Mevo is responsible to provide a reliable vehicle of road worthy condition, which also:

  1. Has a current vehicle registration
  2. Has a current Certificate of Fitness

Mevo is responsible for all costs with operating the Vehicle throughout the Trip, except to the extent of those costs are payable by you as specified in these Terms and Conditions.

2.4 Reserving or Booking a Vehicle and Pre-Trip

Reserving or booking a Vehicle

You may also rent any available Vehicles without a prior reservation. These Vehicles can be found through your Mevo App.

You can reserve or book a Vehicle in advance up to the booking time as specified in the Pricing Schedule. Reservations or bookings can be made via your Mevo App or other methods which Mevo may make available. Only one reservation or booking at a time is possible per Mevo Member, which can be cancelled at any time via the Mevo App (note that cancellation fees may apply as set out in the Pricing Schedule).

If you have any issues regarding reserving, booking or opening your Vehicle please Contact Mevo.

Cancelling reservations or bookings

If you reserve a Vehicle and do not commence your Trip within the reservation timeframe, your reservation will expire and the Vehicle will be available for other Mevo Members to reserve or use.

If you book a Vehicle and do not confirm your booking before the required time, your booking will be cancelled and the Vehicle will be available for other Mevo Members to book or use.

Mevo has full disclosure to cancel any reservations or bookings due to reaching Vehicle network capacity, technical or mechanical reasons, emergency, safety, or business operational reasons that may arise.

Fair use

Mevo endeavours to facilitate the fair use of its Mevo App and Vehicles.

In the event that that you cancel a number of Mevo Loop bookings each month such that your cancelled bookings cause a material decline in the availability of Vehicles for other Members, as determined by Mevo in its sole discretion, then Mevo may deem you to have exceeded the reasonable expectations of use of its Services. At Mevo’s option:

  1. you shall pay Mevo the full price of each booking made and cancelled by you in the applicable month; and/or
  2. Mevo may prevent you from accessing and using the Vehicle booking feature of the Services.

In the event that that you cancel a Mevo Flex pre-booking and then use a Vehicle within a short time period of the original booking time, as determined by Mevo in its sole discretion, then Mevo may deem you to have exceeded the reasonable expectations of use of its Services. At Mevo’s option:

  1. you shall pay Mevo the ‘Pre-Booking Surcharge’ fee for the cancelled Vehicle booking; and/or
  2. Mevo may prevent you from accessing and using the Vehicle booking feature of the Services.
Pre-Trip Check

Before you begin your drive in the Vehicle, you agree to:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Vehicle and the supporting Vehicle documents on the Mevo App and Vehicle manual in the glove box.
  2. If applicable to the Vehicle, check that the fuel card is correctly located in the glove box.
  3. Inspect the interior and exterior for any damages above and beyond normal wear and tear and for any items of lost property from the previous hirer.
  4. If the Vehicle is an electric vehicle and connected to a charging station, unplug the Vehicle and secure the charging plug as detailed in the educational content in the glovebox and on the Mevo App.

If you discover any damage to the exterior or interior, or any Vehicle interior soiling you must Contact Mevo immediately and advise. Mevo will determine a solution which may include making alternative arrangements if the Vehicle can no longer be used.

You understand and agree that if you do not check, and or communicate any existing damage at the beginning of your Trip to Mevo, that the damage will be deemed to have occurred during your Trip and the applicable damage fees will be charged to you as detailed in the Pricing Schedule, unless it is proved to Mevo’s satisfaction that the damage was pre-existing.

By sending a “Start Trip” command using the Mevo App you agree and accept the terms of the Individual Car Sharing Trip Agreement and the external condition of the Vehicle.

2.5 Accidents, Damage, and Breakdowns

In any emergency situations dial Ambulance, Police or Fire on 111. Any accidents, damages, breakdowns, or defects (regardless of cause) must be reported to Contact Mevo immediately. You must also inform the Police if it appears that there has been arson, theft, burglary or malicious damage during your Trip.

You will be required to complete an incident report which is located in the Vehicle glovebox and Mevo App which will require:

  1. the name, residential address, contact phone and licence number of any person involved and the name of their insurer;
  2. the registration numbers of all vehicles involved;
  3. an accurate written and diagrammatic description of the accident and location;
  4. the names of attending Police Officers (if any) and the stations at which they are based.

You shall not allow, arrange, or undertake any Vehicle repairs or salvage unless with the express consent from Mevo, except where the repairs or salvage are necessary to minimise the damage or danger to people, the Vehicle or other property.

If the Vehicle requires repair or salvage, Mevo has absolute discretion to:

  1. Provide an alternative Vehicle or transport solution, albeit a different vehicle type from the initial Vehicle (subject of course to network capacity and practicality); and/or
  2. Terminate the Trip immediately.

Mevo is only responsible for a refund of any Mevo fees and charges incurred by you during any period of a Vehicle defect or breakdown. You acknowledge and agree that Mevo is not responsible for loss of employment or opportunity, disrupted travel plans, missed flights, or any other type of loss (whether direct, indirect, or consequential).

2.6 Speeding & Safe Driving

Mevo provides new 4 and 5 star ANCAP rated Vehicles for the safety and wellbeing of all road users. Each Vehicle is equipped with speed sensing technology which Mevo utilises to manage safe driving practices.

You are aware that each Vehicle is monitored for speed and should any speeding events occur as detailed within our Vehicle Speeding policy; then you will be notified of the speeding breach via in App messaging. A breach of Mevo’s Vehicle Speeding policy can lead to Membership suspension, Membership termination and/or repossession of the Vehicle.

2.7 Liability

You are liable for:

  1. any harm to, loss of, or damage to, the Vehicle and its accessories;
  2. any consequential damage, loss or costs incurred by Mevo, including salvage costs, loss of ability to use the Vehicle, and loss of revenue; and
  3. any harm to, loss of, or damage to, Vehicles and property of third parties,

arising during a Trip, or after your Trip has ended if the Vehicle has not been left in the Flex Zone or at a Loop Base (as applicable).

2.8 Refuelling or Recharging

Mevo endeavours to keep Vehicles fuelled with electricity and/or gasoline (as applicable) however it is your responsibility to ensure you have enough fuel for your Trip. If you do require additional fuel throughout your Trip please follow the instructions in-App to re-fuel or re-charge the Vehicle.

Applicable fuelling locations and instructions can be found in the App.

If the Vehicle runs out of fuel or energy during your Trip please Contact Mevo. Please note you will be liable for call out, tow and salvage fees associated with retrieval storage and repair of the Vehicle, together with all costs of retrieval or relocation a non-returned Vehicle.

Fuel Cards

Some Mevo vehicles are equipped with fuel cards to facilitate fuelling the vehicle. The fuel card will only accept charges relating to the fuel type listed on the inside of the Vehicle petrol flap. After you have completed refuelling please use the card to pay for the fuel and return the fuel card into the glove box.

The fuel card remains the property of Mevo. You must not:

  • Use the fuel card to purchase fuel that has not been put into the Mevo Vehicle.
  • Copy, manipulate or destroy the Mevo card in any way.

You acknowledge and take full responsibility for any unauthorised charges that have occurred on the fuel card whilst in your control. You understand and accept that if there is a discrepancy in the fuel you have put in the Vehicle and what has been charged to the fuel card, that you are personally liable for payment.

If the fuel card of your Vehicle is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning, you must Contact Mevo immediately to prevent any unauthorised use. If the fuel card has not been returned to the card holder in the Vehicle’s glove box, the Trip will not complete.

Fuel Reimbursement

If it is not practical to use the fuel card or in-App refuelling, you may refuel the Vehicle yourself and submit to Mevo within 7 days a photo of the fuel receipt. Mevo will require you to confirm the receipt details showing the date, time, location and GST number of fuel station, type and volume of fuel purchased and the total fuel amount.

Mevo will credit your account for the amount of fuel purchased, that credit to be used within 90 days. If you submit a fuel reimbursement claim, an administration processing fee as detailed within the Pricing Schedule may be applicable for acts of negligence such as putting the incorrect fuel in the car and/or intentionally choosing to not use the Mevo App, supplied fuel card or refuelling station.

2.9 Cleaning

Mevo cleans each Vehicle regularly and it is expected that each Member takes care to return the Vehicles in a tidy acceptable condition. This includes removing all rubbish, wiping down sticky surfaces, dusting the Vehicle mats of any debris left from shoes and removing any evidence that the Vehicle has been used to transport pets.

If you feel that the Vehicle’s interior and or exterior require attention directly resulting from your usage, please use the in-App chat function to request a Vehicle groom. Mevo will then triage your Vehicle for cleaning and charge the applicable cleaning fees as detailed in the Pricing Schedule to the payment method under which the Trip was taken.

If you have soiled the Vehicle or spilt liquids, vomit or blood, please remove as much as possible so as to not leave long lasting interior damage and Contact Mevo immediately. A soiling charge as detailed within the Pricing Schedule may apply.

If you arrive at your Mevo Vehicle and do not feel the cleanliness it is at the appropriate standard, please Contact Mevo. Mevo will arrange another Vehicle if available.

You understand and agree that if you leave the Vehicle in an unacceptable condition as determined by Mevo, Mevo will charge a cleaning fee as detailed in the Pricing Schedule and may also suspend or terminate your Membership.

2.10 Lost Property

Mevo encourages you to check all compartments, seats and the boot before you end the Trip to ensure you take all your property.

If you are missing something, or you find any lost property in a Vehicle from another Member, please Contact Mevo. In the case of finding another Member’s item, please leave the item in the Vehicle’s boot and Mevo will arrange for it to be returned.

You acknowledge and accept that Mevo, and/or any other Mevo Members cannot be held responsible for any items that you leave in the Vehicle during and/or after a Trip.

2.11 Repossession of Vehicle

Mevo may end a Trip and repossess the Vehicle (and enter any premises and remove the Vehicle) at any time if Mevo believes:

  1. any Critical Event has occurred; or
  2. you have breached Mevo’s Vehicle Speeding policy; or
  3. you have breached the Terms and Conditions; or
  4. the Vehicle to be endangered or damaged; or
  5. the Vehicle has been associated with actions that endanger people or property, or may damage Mevo’s reputation.
  6. that a stopover action within the city Flex Zone or Loop Base has been incorrectly selected by you (instead of “End Trip”), and the Member is unresponsive to phone call, email, SMS and/or in App messaging for longer than a 2 hour period.

In the event Mevo ends a Trip and/or repossesses the Vehicle:

  1. you will be notified that the Vehicle has been repossessed via email along with any outstanding amounts owing;
  2. any personal items found in or on the Vehicle by Mevo will be delivered the following day to a local police station (the location of which you will be notified of via email);
  3. Mevo will not be liable for any charges or damages you incur in relation to the repossession of the Vehicle;
  4. you will have no right to a refund of any part of the fees and charges levied in accordance with the Pricing Schedule;
  5. you will additionally be liable for a repossession fee as detailed in the Pricing Schedule.

Ending a Trip and repossessing the Vehicle shall be without prejudice to Mevo’s other rights and remedies.

3.0 Insurance

All Mevo Vehicles have vehicle insurance and third party cover, excluding any trips covered under any Corporate Self Insurance agreement. Insurance is subject to:

  1. The vehicle excess as confirmed in App before your Trip commences
  2. A damage administration fee as detailed in the Pricing Schedule; and
  3. The Insurance Exclusions listed below.

You must cooperate with Mevo and our insurers in good faith on all insurance related matters including following directions, and providing reasonably requested information and assistance.

If you have your own insurance provisions you acknowledge that you are still held personally liable for the full amount payable to Mevo regardless of when or if your insurer makes payment to yourself.

You acknowledge that there is no insurance cover for any personal items left in the Vehicle by you or any passenger, which is stolen from the Vehicles, lost or damaged during a Trip or for any items left in the Vehicle after you complete your Trip.

3.1 Insurance Exclusions

Mevo’s insurance will not provide cover for the following (please note that the following is a summary only – Mevo’s full insurance policy is available on request):

  • Any loss, damage or liability while the Vehicle is being driven by, or otherwise in the charge of, someone else (regardless of whether that person is a Mevo Member) who:
    • does not have a licence which is in full force and effect to drive the Vehicle at the time and place of the accident;
    • following an event resulting in a claim fails or refuses to permit a specimen of blood or breath test to be taken after having been lawfully required to do so;
    • has a proportion of alcohol in his or her blood or breath which exceeds the legal limit prescribed;
    • is convicted of any alcohol or drug related offence arising out of the circumstances resulting in any claim;
    • is not complying with the conditions of their licence;
    • is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and where alcohol or drugs contribute in any way to the accident. This means a claim may be declined even if you are under the legal limit prescribed;
    • leaves the scene of the accident when it is an offence to do so;
    • allows or operates the Vehicle, whether legal or otherwise, to be:
      • tested for or engaged in racing, sprinting, drag racing, pace making, hill climbing, off-roading, reliability or time trials, rallying, speed tests or any form of motorsport or high speed driver training;
      • used in a manner that would be contrary the purpose for which the Vehicle was designed, or the use of a Vehicle as defined in the Land Transport Act 1998 or any amendment or any Act(s) in substitution of the Act;
      • in an unsafe or roadworthy condition;
      • loaded or operated in excess of the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, or loaded contrary to the law, or its ancillary plant or machinery being operated contrary to the law;
      • on hire.
  • Any damage resulting from a Vehicle not being returned to the Flex Zone or the Loop Base (as applicable).
  • Any loss, damage or liability arising from, or claim for:
    • aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages, fines and / or other penalties or reparation orders;
    • any unreasonable, criminal, reckless or wilful act or omission by you or by anyone in charge of the Vehicle;
    • subsidence, landslip, erosion or geothermal activity;
    • personal injury as defined and / or for which cover is provided under the Accident Compensation Act 2001 or any amendment or any Act(s) in substitution of the Act;
    • the cost of defending any charge or charges relating to any continuing offence under any Act of Parliament.
  • Liability for:
    • loss or damage if you have agreed with any party to accept responsibility for any loss or damage for which the law would not otherwise hold you responsible for;
    • bodily injury.
  • Loss, damage or liability arising directly from or occasioned by or through or in consequence directly or indirectly of or claim for war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities or war-like operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to a popular rising, military rising, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, martial law, confiscation or nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public authority, or any act of any person or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any organisation the objective of which includes the overthrowing or influencing of any de jure or de facto government by terrorism or by any violent means.
  • Where you breach the Terms and Conditions, including circumstances amounting to a Critical Event.

4.0 Pricing Schedule

Please see our pricing page for details.

5.0 Parking Schedule

Please see our parking schedule page for details.

6.0 Payment of fees and charges

You shall pay Mevo for the applicable charges in the Pricing Schedule relating to the Services and Vehicle you have selected. You authorise Mevo to charge all amounts payable to your payment method as saved in your Personal Profile.

In addition, you acknowledge that you shall be liable for any additional charges relating to your Trip as specified in the Pricing Schedule which include:

  1. Excess kilometre charges for every kilometre travelled over the daily limit detailed in the Pricing Schedule.
  2. Traffic, road toll, parking infringements, speeding, or traffic signal offences received from any enforcement authority (each an ‘Infringement Notice’).
  3. Any damages or repairs of the Vehicle and loss of use arising from any acts of neglect, and uninsured events.
  4. Vehicle relocation costs and Unauthorised Parking Fees as detailed in the Pricing Schedule if the Vehicle is not returned to an Approved Mevo Carpark in the Flex Zone or the Loop Base (as applicable).
  5. Any cleaning fees arising from the return of the Vehicle which Mevo considers to be in an excessively dirty condition which requires extra cleaning resource. This includes but is not limited to, food, vomit, spillage of fluids, stains, hair, sand, grime, rubbish removal, unpleasant odours, any smoking or tobacco residue or any evidence that the Vehicle has been used to transport pets.
  6. A card payment dishonour fee.
  7. Mevo administration charges which are detailed in the Pricing Schedule.

Upon sending a “Start Trip” command using the Mevo App, you agree for an authorisation hold to be placed on your payment method, pending finalisation of the applicable charges when the Trip has ended. You understand that a Trip cannot commence unless the authorisation hold has been approved and there are no outstanding fees owing on your Personal Profile. Mevo has sole discretion to change the authorisation hold amount at any time.

Mevo will promptly forward any Infringement Notice and associated reminder notices (if applicable) to you. You have the right to challenge, complain about, query or object to the alleged offence directly with the issuing enforcement authority. You have the right to seek a court hearing within 56 days from the date of the Infringement Notice or 28 days from the date of issue of a reminder notice. Mevo will notify you of any additional charges arising from an Infringement Notice prior to charging your payment method as saved in your Personal Profile.

If you fail to pay for any amout due in connection with your Membership within 14 days of the due date for payment, Mevo may charge, without prejudice, and you must pay all additional cost as outlined below:

  1. All debt, legal or other external agency collection fees and charges incurred by Mevo for the recovery of the outstanding amounts.
  2. Interest charges on the outstanding amounts. Interest accrues at a rate of 10% per annum in excess of the interest rate payable by Mevo for overdraft fees, calculated on a daily basis, compounding monthly. Interest begins accruing after the 14 day grace period for payment until the payment is actually received.
  3. Mevo debt management fee as detailed in the Pricing Schedule.

You acknowledge that Mevo may pass any debts to an external debt collection agency, at which point the debt must be payable to the debt collection agency directly and not to Mevo.

6.1 Refund Policy

Mevo will refund any charges which Mevo deem to have been charged in error, or outside the Terms and Conditions. Mevo will action the request within five working days of notification.

This excludes any Damage Liability Charges which will only be refunded once an insurance claim has been closed.

Mevo will not refund any charges for any denied Membership applications or denied insurance claims.

Refunds will only be deposited in the nominated payment method specified in your Personal Profile. A credit note will also be issued to your nominated email address as included in your Personal Profile.

6.2 Dispute Resolution

If you believe there has been an error in the charges relating to Mevo’s Services, or you have a complaint of any kind relating to Mevo’s Services; please Contact Mevo in the first instance.

If your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction you may refer the matter to Mevo’s executive team at

7.0 Privacy Policy

Our collection, use, and deletion of your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

8.0 How to Contact Mevo

In an Emergency

Dial 111 Then dial 0508 111 MEVO (0508 111 6386)

For all other enquiries

We operate in-app and online live chat in all of our products.
Or you can email us at

Physical Address

Mevo Limited
29 Marion St
Te Aro
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand

These Terms and Conditions were last amended on 21/02/2022.

These Terms and Conditions were last reviewed on 21/02/2022.