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How a Virtual EV Fleet works

Subscribe to one or more virtual fleet vehicles and get bulk access to the Mevo network for your whole team. Expand your virtual fleet anytime.

Graphic showing a staff member driving a Mevo vehicle, with illustration of the savings
Graphic showing a company's staff using multiple Mevo vehicles
Graphic showing the ease of administering a Mevo for Business account
Graphic showing the impact of climate positive Mevo vehicles

Virtual EV Pricing

Subscribe to as many virtual fleet vehicles as your company needs. You'll receive a bulk supply of credit each month to use for trips on the Mevo network. For each subscription, a new EV will be added to the Mevo fleet.

Business Anytime
Monthly Price
Charged on your monthly business invoice
$950 + GST
per month
$800 + GST
per month
Monthly Credit
Credit can be used by any staff on your business account, for trips using any vehicle on the Mevo network
Tesla Model 3 20 days per month of rental for a Tesla Model 3 ($3,200 Mevo credit) Tesla Model 3 8 days per month of rental for a Tesla Model 3 ($1,280 Mevo credit)
Credit Usage Time
When during the month the credit can be used
Between 8am and 6pm on business days Anytime, 24/7
Service Level Agreement
+95% availability of vehicles within 400m of your business
check_circle cancel
Subscription Term
Shorter commitment than most leased vehicles; add more virtual cars anytime
18 months 18 months
Staff Accounts
Invite your whole team to use the monthly credit
Unlimited Unlimited
Vehicle Quantity
Access as many vehicles as you need to match the peaks and troughs of your business travel
Unlimited Unlimited

Frequently asked questions

How many cars can I use?

Your team can use as many cars as they need at a time. You can subscribe to as many virtual cars as you like - more subscriptions will result in more credit on your business account each month.

Any use in excess of your credit is charged at normal prices.

Will I always have a car available?

The Virtual EV Business package includes a service level agreement for at least 95% vehicle availability within 400m of your office during business hours.

Mevo cars are usually easy to find, and our fleet is balanced to ensure sufficient availability.

Can I only drive an EV?

Your monthly credit can be used for any Mevo vehicle on the fleet, so your team can pick the option that suits best for each trip.

A new EV will be added to the Mevo fleet for each subscription, so you can be sure there will be EVs available.

Does my credit expire?

Your credit is loaded to your business account on the first of the month, and expires at the end of the month. Credit does not roll over from month to month.

Within the month, there is no limit on how much credit you can use per day.

How do I get a business account?

If you don't already have a Mevo for Business account, you can sign up for one here. You'll need to be a registered business with a valid NZBN.

Personal subscriptions are coming soon, click here to get notified when they're available.

What does the subscription include?

Your credit covers the cost of everything in a normal Mevo trip, but not airport or other surcharges.

You'll also get detailed monthly reporting of your carbon status from trips taken, and access to Mevo for Business to manage staff, payments, and cost centres.

What's included

No more lease payments or depreciation, WOFs, registration, or paying every week for an expensive parking space in the city. Mevo pricing is all-inclusive and covers everything you need.










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Subscribe to a Virtual EV

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