Before you begin

Before your first trip, create your Mevo account by picking a plan and creating a Driver Profile. We’ll get you verified and drop a message into your inbox when you’re good to go.

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Reserve a Mevo

When you’re ready to drive, browse the map to find the Mevo closest to you. Tap reserve, and then follow the directions for the fastest route to the Mevo Pod.

Head down to your Mevo

Your reservation will last for 30 minutes, so there’s no need to rush. Walk, ride or take your favourite method of public transport to your Mevo pod.


Tap to unlock

Once you arrive at your Mevo, open the app and tap “Unlock Car” to open the doors. This will prime the engine and release the charger cable from the front of the car.

Unplug the Mevo from it's charger

Gently pull the charger cable out of the front of the vehicle and stow it safely in the holster on the charger unit. Replace the rubber dust cap on the car and secure the cover by moving it into position over the port and twisting the latch.

Get comfortable

Once you’re in the car, check the mirrors, seat and steering wheel are set correctly for you. Instructions for pairing your phone to the car are on our support page.


Keys in the glovebox

When you reach your destination, you’ll find keys to lock and unlock your Mevo located in the glove box. You’ll need these when you’re ready to end your trip so it’s a good idea to put them back as soon as you’re done.

Top up the car if it runs low

When it’s fully charged, your Mevo will take you up to fifty kilometres on battery before switching to petrol hybrid mode. If the petrol tank indicator on the right is looking a little low, pop into any Z station and top it up using the fuel card in the glovebox.


Return to the pod

Once you’re ready to end your trip, pull your Mevo back into it’s pod, engage the handbrake and turn off the engine.

Plug in

Twist the latch in the Audi badge at the front of the car, remove the cover and the dust cap and plug the car back into the charger. Enter the PIN on the charger unit to begin charging your Mevo up for it’s next adventure.

Tap to end trip

Once your Mevo is plugged in, you’ve collected your possessions and you’re ready to leave, open the Mevo app and tap “End Trip”. You’ll get an email with your trip details within a few moments, and you can view your previous trip history any time from the “Billing History” section of the Mevo app.