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Like car rental, but way better

Once you've signed up, tap the Mevo app to unlock your chosen car and drive. Flexible rates by the minute, hour, or day include, insurance, maintenance, petrol and regular cleaning.

Save time & money

Car sharing can save you thousands every year vs owning a car. And even better, everything is taken care of for you; Mevo vehicles are fuelled, maintained, and regularly cleaned.

No hidden fees

Our pricing is all-inclusive—fuel, electricity, insurance, cleaning, and 200km free per day. Capped day and night rates mean there's a price to suit every occasion.

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Super convenient

With vehicles spread across the city Flex Zones and at the airport, you're never far away from Mevo. And with 24×7 keyless access using the app, it's all on your schedule.

Your car, part time

Car sharing fits right next to walking, cycling, and public transport. Whether it's taking the shopping home, visiting the relatives, or getting away for the weekend, your Mevo is waiting.

Mevo Flex

In Auckland

Grab a flex car on-demand
Park anywhere in the zone

  • Find available cars throughout the city Flex Zones, and reserve them for 30 minutes for free

  • Schedule a future trip at your chosen date, time, and location for a small fee

  • Take convenient one-way trips within and between the city Flex Zones

  • No scheduled return time - you'll get the best capped price automatically

  • Park almost anywhere in the Flex Zones whenever you're finished

Illustration of Mevo Flex

How Mevo Flex works

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Graphic showing a woman locating a Mevo vehicle using her smartphone
Graphic showing a woman unlocking a Mevo vehicle using her smartphone
Graphic showing a man standing in front of a Mevo vehicle

What's included

No more lease payments or depreciation, WOFs, registration, or paying every week for an expensive parking space in the city. Mevo pricing is all-inclusive and covers everything you need.










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