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A membership that opens doors

  • Great for travels to and from the airport, site visits, or simply getting to a business meeting.

  • Flexible plans that match your business needs, and billing rates by the minute, hour, or day.

  • All pricing includes city parking, insurance, petrol, electricity, 200km/day, and basic cleaning.

  • Easy billing allows employers to charge driving to the company or directly to the driver.

  • Say goodbye to tiny taxi receipts, complicated reimbursements, long line at rentals, and expensive airport taxi rides.

How Mevo works



Find the closest car in-app and tap to reserve it up to 30 minutes before you need it.



The app will direct you to your car—unlock it with a single tap and you're on your way.



The car's all yours until you're done; you can end your trip anywhere in the Home Zone.

We are often out of the office on site visits for our customers. Mevo is perfect for us as a reliable, flexible, cost effective solution that we only pay for when we use. It’s cheaper and easier than taking taxis—plus the cars are great to drive and environmentally friendly; which suits our business ethos.
41 South
Building Contractors
Our team needed a flexible solution for 10 drivers, without having to commit to running our own fleet of cars. Having the enviro friendly Mevo fleet we can take multiple vehicles at once, and being on demand we don’t need to worry about bookings or bringing the car back by a set time. Our team love driving Mevo cars.
Integrated Design Studio

Businesses moving with Mevo

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What's included

No more lease payments or depreciation, WOFs, registration, or paying every week for an expensive parking space in the city. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and you'll only pay for what you use.










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