Full circle fleet management solution

Cost Advantages

Cost Advantages
  • Released capital from existing vehicles
  • Reduction of taxi / car park expenditure
  • All mobility becomes a variable OPEX expenditure (no longer CAPEX)
  • Lower Total Cost of Mobility

Health and Safety

Health and Safety
  • Reduced risk driving new safe vehicles
  • Audi safety automation systems
  • Reckless driver alerts
  • Climate positive


  • Outsourced fleet management
  • More mobility hours available to staff
  • Peak period supplement to support your fleet optimisation
  • No commitment to multi year contracts or loss of capital in vehicle investment
  • Land Transport Act amended for electric vehicles to use T2 lanes on SH’s

How does Mevo for Business work?

Never again should you need to wait for your company pool vehicle or worry about the hassle and costs of managing your own vehicle fleet. With Mevo we are providing instant mobility for your business when it needs it.

It’s as simple as book, collect, drive and park.

Mevo provides monetary and time savings over operating a leased fleet of vehicles.
Our pricing is all inclusive with options to suit your business’s usage.

Phil Burgess

Head of Mobility

[email protected]

021 245 6386

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