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What are Loop Bases?

Glad you asked! Loop Bases are the parking spaces where you can collect your car, and end your Mevo Loop trip. You'll clearly see the address and map position of your vehicle's Loop Base when making your booking.

You need to return your vehicle to its Loop Base parking space in order to end your trip, before the end time of your booking. While on your trip, you're responsible for parking - including any payment required and ensuring the vehicles complies with time limits.

You can't end your Mevo Loop trip at a different Loop Base, in a Mevo Flex Zone, or in another city.

More Loop Bases will appear over time to match where our members live and work. Join now for free and help us grow, or chat with us if you have any questions.

Airport Rentals

Hamilton features a Loop Base at the Airport, giving you an easy option for picking up a rental car.

Collect your car with just a few taps, and enjoy returning to our premium Airport parking at the end of your trip.

You need to return vehicles collected from Hamilton Airport back to the Airport Loop Base to end your trip.

Where can I park?

You can park in any legally permitted space while you're on a trip. You need to return your Mevo to its Loop Base before the end time of your booking - a guaranteed parking space.

Loop base Parking Illustration

You must return your Mevo to its Loop Base and end your trip before the end time of your booking.

The types and conditions of Approved Mevo Carparks in Hamilton are listed below.

Approved Mevo Carparks
Loop Base The signposted parking space from which you collected the vehicle.

While you're on a trip, you can park your Mevo in any normally legal parking space - you're responsible for complying with time limits and restrictions.

You can read our Terms and Conditions related to this Parking Schedule here.