Travelling to and from the airport is easy with Mevo

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Airport travel made easy

  • No more waiting in line for rentals or taxis when you land.

  • Reserve and unlock using the app, and drive to the city. End your trip in any approved space in the Home Zone.

  • Automatic access to airport barriers with number plate recognition.

  • Going to the airport? Just drop off your Mevo in the designated car park at the airport, end your trip, and head into the terminal.

  • A $15 surcharge is applied to any trips starting or ending at Wellington Airport, in addition to the normal per-minute rate.
    E.g. a 10-minute trip from the city to the airport on Basic pricing would total $21.

Airport Guides

Check out our guides below to make it easy for you to pick up and drop off your Mevo at the Airport.

Going to the airport

City ==> Airport

Going to the city

Airport ==> City