Mevo Wellington // Home Zone

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What is the Home Zone?

Glad you asked! The Home Zone is the service area where you can start and end your mevo trips. The Home Zone boundaries are illustrated in the app with a heavy orange line.

You can end your trip in any approved parking space within the Home Zone.

The Wellington Home Zone also includes parking at Wellington International Airport, allowing for one-way trips to and from the city.

Wellington Airport Guide flight_takeoff

You'll see the Home Zone grow over time to match where our customers live and work. Join now and help us grow, or chat with us if you have any questions.

Where can I park?

Clearway Parking Sign
not_interested Clearways
P60 Parking Sign
not_interested P60 And Below
Metered Parking Sign
check_circle Metered Parks
Coupon Parking Sign
check_circle Coupon Parking
P120 Parking Sign
check_circle P120 And Above

You can end your trip in any Wellington City Council metered, coupon, or P120 and above parking space within the Home Zone. Parking in other legal spots, like P60 and clearways, is only permitted while on-trip (never end your trip in these spots) and you're responsible for ensuring that the vehicle complies with time limits.

Please do not end your trip in any commercial parking lots such as supermarkets, private parking lots, residents parking, loading zones, taxi/bus zones, disabled, reserved locations or any other illegal spots. You'll also be responsible for any tickets or tows if parked illegally while on-trip, or when ending trips in any non-designated or approved parking space.

Dedicated Parking & Charging

In Wellington, Mevo operates a range of dedicated parking areas so that you'll always have somewhere to park. Some of these parking areas have EV chargers installed to top up the Audi A3 e-tron® battery.

Dedicated on-street car-sharing parks are operated by Wellington City Council. You can end your trip in these - where there is a blue Mevo sign.

WCC Green Parking Space
check_circle Green WCC Mevo Parking

A selection of exclusive private parking spaces are also available. You can end your trip in any of these.

Mevo Car Share Parking Space
check_circle Mevo Car Share

These areas are indicated in the app with a parking pin to make them easy for you to find. Where relevant, an enforcement phone number is included in the app—you can call this if there are non-Mevo vehicles parked in these spaces.

Home Zone Indicator

Every Mevo vehicle includes an indicator to let you know when you're inside the Home Zone—so that you can confidently find a parking space.

In the Audi A3 e-tron® and Volkswagen Polo, the LED light in the centre console will light green when inside the Home Zone, and red when outside the Home Zone.

e-tron centre console with Home Zone LED